Day 11: Free Day in Buenos Aires

Sunday was a great chance to experience Argentine culture outside company visits, and overall the day was a solid combination of relaxation and cultural immersion.   Along with several other RBLP students, I spent the morning sailing off the Argentine coast, enjoying good company as the sailboat swayed in the gentle waves and light breeze.   It was my first time on a sailboat and definitely one of the coolest experiences ever.  Sailing was a blast, but it was frustrating that the navigator/owner of the boat tried to raise the cost after we were out on the water.  After some negotiation, he agreed to honor the formerly agreed-upon rate.  All those negotiation classes helping to save the day.

20140528-011320.jpg       20140528-011329.jpg       20140528-011117.jpg


We spent most of the afternoon walking through the Sunday market outside the famous La Recoleta Cemetery.  It was a great chance to relax and shop for interesting trinkets and souvenirs.   Hundreds of back-to-back shops lined the walkway around the cemetery.  Street performers and food trucks filled the grassy, circular areas between the shops.  It reminded me of a flea market in the United States, except much better.

20140528-011056.jpg       20140528-011304.jpg       20140528-013328.jpg


Later in the afternoon, we enjoyed coffee and hot chocolate at one of Buenos Aires’ most famous cafes, La Biela.  While we were waiting for coffee, a couple guys in our group convinced a street performer to let them borrow his guitar for a few minutes.


The highlight of the day was an evening performance of Fuerza Bruta at the Recoleta Cultural Center.  None of us had ever seen anything like it, and needless to say, it was mind blowing.  Translated to English, the title means “Brute Force,” and the show included trapeze artists, an upbeat music score, a water cannon, and industrial fans that blew confetti through the crowd every few minutes.  It was amazing — and if time allowed, many of us would have seen it again on this trip. 

20140528-012327.jpg      20140528-012321.jpg      20140528-012315.jpg 20140528-012308.jpg      20140528-012300.jpg

It was nice to experience some different aspects of Argentine culture today and it’s hard to believe we only have a few days left.