Day 14: La Serenísima & The Journey Home

Students visit leading dairy company & make their journey home

Day 14 of 14. What an eventful trip it’s been. Today we were able to visit La Serenísima, one of Argentina’s largest dairy products manufacturers.



La Serenísima is and has been one of the market leaders in low bacteria milk. One of their biggest selling point is that their milk has less than 50,000 bacteria per mL of milk. Although that may seem insignificant to those of us in the states, it is huge in Argentina. In fact, La Serenísima is one of the only companies in the world who puts their bacteria count right on the label. They are very proud of the quality of their products.

It’s visits like these that truly expand the knowledge of the Rawls Business Leadership Program students. I cannot think of another situation where our students would have the opportunity to learn about the quality standards of dairy products. It may be a small piece of knowledge, but it’s valuable for us to continually learn about different industries.

After our factory tour (no photos allowed – sorry!), our energetic tour guide brought us down to their “visitors kitchen”. Evidently, La Serenísima is a hot destination for students to visit. Their staff had prepared a feast of crackers, cheese, milk, and more for us to sample.


On our way out, the kind folks at La Serenísima gave each of us a gift bag containing at least 10 of their most famous (non-perishable) products. That kept us full & busy during our bus ride to the airport!

The rest of day 14 was spent traveling. Our first flight was at 9pm from Buenos Aires to Miami. The 9 hour long flight took us back to the states without any incidents! From there, we flew to Dallas, and then on to Lubbock. We had a fantastic time in South America, but we were all happy to be back on Texas soil.


Thanks for following us on our journey through South America! Supporters like you are what make the Rawls Business Leadership Program successful.