Day 9: Taranto & New Digital Way

Beautiful morning in the Argentine countryside & engaging meeting with local online advertising firm

Our 9th morning began bright and early with a drive to Taranto, a local auto parts manufacturer with customers across South America. The hourlong drive took us through the beautiful Argentine countryside.

countrysideThe iPhone photo doesn’t quite do the countryside justice. We felt at home as we drove past pastures full of horses. What did seem foreign, however, was the abundance of water!

Taranto’s marketing headquarters and one of their manufacturing facilities is located in a small suburb of Buenos Aires. The town was quaint and friendly, and reminded us of a small Texas town.

Once we arrived at Taranto’s marketing headquarters, we watched a presentation that explained exactly what they do. Taranto manufactures their own line of auto parts and OEM auto parts for various auto manufacturers in South America. Their presentation demonstrated their utmost commitment to customer success and happiness. Additionally, it explained how important it was for their manufacturing facilities to be certified in order to gain credibility in the international market. It’s clear that Taranto is dedicated to being a premier auto parts manufacturer.

After hearing from the marketing department, we were given safety glasses and earplugs for the manufacturing facility tour.

It was a great experience for the Rawls Business Leaders to see the physical side of business. We watched as Taranto’s machines created bolts, gaskets, and more.

After our tour was complete, we made the drive back to our hotel. We ate at a small cafe near our hotel and prepared for our afternoon meeting with New Digital Way.

New Digital Way is a local online advertising firm that has established themselves as a major player in Argentina. In our presentation, we learned that in just under 7 years they have built a business that currently serves nearly 55 clients, including Argentina’s largest retailer.

NDW, as they are known, frequently works on e-commerce projects. Rather than working with an out-of-the-box system like Magento, NDW built their own platform called “Rapid Core”. Our group learned that NDW is able to more easily customize solutions for their clients with a unique platform.

ndwOur presenter was extremely passionate about his business and he helped us truly understand the benefits and risks of online marketing. His company has been extremely successful in helping clients increase their returns from online advertising spending. It was fascinating for the group to hear about his successes!

Until next time!