Day 1/Day 2 Welcome to Prague!


Vítejte! Welcome to our Rawls Business Leadership blog 2016 to Prague, Czech Republic, Krakow, Poland, and Berlin, Germany! Over the next two weeks we will be posting of our adventures abroad and hope that you will join us on our journey. Before I discuss our trip thus far, I would like to say thank you to Dr. Dass and Interim Dean Goebel for making this trip possible.

After 18 hours of flights and a 7 hour time difference, we have made it to the beautiful city of Prague! Upon arrival we found our cozy Hotel Roma right off the main river which runs through the heart of the city. Our tour guides Iva and Lucie took us on a walking tour of the city where we got to see the John Lennon Wall, the “Lock Bridge” accompanied by a goblin (which is part of many Czech fairy tales), the Charles Bridge, and many other sights of the city. Fun fact: on the Charles Bridge, there are many statues depicting the different Saints and because the Czech Republic is mainly made up of atheists, on every statue there is a gold object which is symbolic of the saint so they are easily recognizable: a crown, sword, and a star are just a few.

Along with all of the older art and architecture, we also got to see some modern works around the city. One of the main artists who is shown around the city is David Cerny, who has famous artwork like the faceless babies/tower of babies and his installation of Franz Kafka.

There is so much culture to be seen around Prague, and so much history! Who knows what we may stumble upon next!