Day 3 Prague

Visit 1: Our first visit was to prima TV which is the second largest tv station in Prague. Most of the stations aired in Prague are either Czech originals such as reality tv shows or dubbed over American shows such as the Big Bang Theory. An interesting fact about the funding aspect of television in Prague is their government charges a fix rate for every household instead of the household deciding. Furthermore, advertising isn’t allowed on air having a funding effect unseen in America. Their television industry seems in its infantry stages with growth opportunities. Foreign investors have yet to truly invest in the industry outside of Time Warner which invested in prima tvs biggest competitor.

After we visited prima tv we had free time for lunch. After lunch we had our second visit of the day which was to Exxon Mobile business support center (BSC).

Visit 2: The BSC is the 5th largest of its kind within the Exxon mobile corporation and specializes in standardizing global practices for the company. We had two upper level managers speak to us regarding the practices of the center. It’s focuses in its three areas of business the upstream, downstream, and chemical divisions. Since production of the upstream has decreased because of recent price volatility the other two divisions have seen an increase in funding and opportunities. Exxon Mobile stressed their highest core value was safety. Another area of importance noted by their managers was employment practices. They believe once an employee is hired they should stay within the company until their career ends. The center was equipped with employee practices such as individual stress balls on each desk and a masseuse brought in every so often to relieve employee stress.

Our last visit was to the Jewish town. We had a guided tour of the synagogues within this area. The first synagogues contained names of every Czech holocaust victim written on the walls. As we transitioned to the second synagogue we walked through a cemetery that dates back the 14th century. An interesting fact about this cemetery was that coffins were stacked on top of each other when space within its walls was 100% occupied. Some areas of the cemetery were noted to have 18 coffins piled on top of each other. The next synagogue visited was the second oldest synagogue in Prague. Our guide highlighted the fact that the reason the Jewish town was maintained in such good care was because Hitler wanted a museum of some sorts to show an extinct race. The Jewish town was the final visit for the day. After this the group had a free night in Prague.