Day 4 Berlin

This morning the group traveled on the U-Bahn to visit the Berlin Wall Memorial. This memorial shows large sections of the Wall as well as stretches of rebar poles that were erected where the Wall had been to remind visitors of its impact on the people of Berlin from both East and West. This memorial had numerous photographs and audio files documenting some of the most historic moments during the time of the Wall including escape attempts, some of the major developments in the Wall’s formation, as well as true accounts of how it affected the thousands of lives living on either side. The Wall separated friends, families, lovers, and fellow Berliners, this memorial is meant to remember and honor those who were affected. This memorial also houses the Chapel of Reconciliation which had been destroyed during the time of division and was rebuilt for the people of the parish as a place for prayer and remembrance.

After visiting this historic site, we were taken to Alexanderplatz, the main square of Berlin which is home to the incredible television tower which pierces the skyline. This tower is one of the tallest structures in the entire European Union, standing at just over 365 meters in height. This location since its founding has been a huge part of Berlin’s culture and vibrancy. This was then a free day to explore the city and more of what makes Berlin so unique in the German culture.