Day 6

Today we woke up bright and early to visit NNIT Bucharova. Here we learned about the NNIT business and were able to take a tour of their office. NNIT is an IT company located in the Czech Republic and supports several countries including Denmark. The tasks of NNIT includes IT support, software development and management of such software. NNIT has recently gained the client Pandora, which is a large retail chain for jewelry, and are continuously expanding their business in the Czech Republic.

         After our visit with NNIT we then went for lunch and met back up to go visit our next company, MetroStav. MetroStav is one of the largest construction companies in the Czech Republic. The company is a relatively old business having functioned and survived the communist reign. They now continue to build in not just the Czech Republic, but also in places such as Norway and other European countries. The construction work is mainly focused on larger projects such as bridges, tunnels, and roads.

         After we were done visiting the businesses, we headed back to the hotel. It then started pouring down rain, and we were all afraid that we would have to cancel our boat tour. Lucky for us the rain let up and we were still able to go. We saw exotic animals such as the nutria rat. We also enjoyed a delicious authentic dinner and the company of another American group of students who were also visiting Prague.