China Day 1: Arrival in Shanghai

Greetings from Shanghai! Welcome to the RBLP blog for our China trip. Follow along as we document our adventures in Shanghai and Beijing.

After a quick 16 hour flight, we arrived in Shanghai in the mid afternoon. We were excited to start exploring one of the largest and liveliest cities in the world. During our journey from the airport to our hotel, we got to drive through and see a lot of the city. Obviously Shanghai is much different from the United States, but we could see a lot of similarities also. It looked like the United States in some parts of the city, while other parts looked like nothing we had seen before.

We learned about the rising cost of living in Shanghai, which has practically doubled in the last five years. Home prices rise in the US, but we were shocked to hear of growth that rapid. The typical apartment in downtown Shanghai costs $1.5 million, and a license plate for your car costs $15,000.

We had our first dinner in China at a Chinese family style restaurant. It was a great experience, even though we didn’t know everything we were eating. Overall it was a lot of fun learning about Chinese food culture.

Keep following along for more updates, we will post something new every day!