China: Day 5

Its been a day of poor weather in Shanghai. Some steady rain led to a few people buying umbrellas and the others huddling under them for free.

Today was a later start than the previous days. A few people went walking around a nearby stadium. A few slept in. I took an early subway ride to Jing’an temple which was a few metro stops away from our hotel. It was fairly empty on the streets and in the temple this early in the morning and the crowds only started to appear on my ride back home to get ready.

The first stop for us today was lunch with two partners of TZG: Mr Chien Qian and Mr Steven Peng. They gave us a lot of insight into the way Chinese Business differs from what we know in America and the difficulties and benefits entrepreneurs could expect to encounter.

Afterwards we went to visit Bao Steel, the largest steel company in China with a campus larger than the city of Macau. We got to take a tour of one of the larger buildings and saw some of the processes through which they put the steel.

Afterwards we went to see an acrobatics show which was very entertaining.