Day 10: Budapest Danube Bend Tour

For our third day in Budapest we began by loading the bus and setting off to tour the Danube River Bend. Our normal guide had to attend to something for the day so we got to experience a new Hungarian guide by the name of Danny. After about a 30 minute drive to the river bend area, we hopped off in a small street market and walked down to the river. The river was wide and a beautiful place to have a seat in the grass as we took in the atmosphere around us. Among the various shops was a museum of Christmas ornaments and the Micro-Art Museum.

The Micro-Art museum here in Budapest has the world’s small book bound with spider web and was even almost impossible to see. We also learned that traditional Hungarian Christmas ornaments are made from various seed pods and twigs fashioned into small angels.

Next we traveled the Lower Castle and saw some of the architecture from their medieval era. When we arrived we were taken to see a reenactment of a traditional medieval tournament and even got to try out the weapons at the end. At the beginning they selected a king and queen which happened one of our group members Anna. Ryan and Dr. Dass’s son were also selected to be a part and receive a punishment and as a royal jester. Finally we enjoyed a medieval Hungarian meal and headed back to the hotel for an evening of rest.

Our group took some time to walk the town in the evening and enjoy some Hungarian pizza in the busy markets in the middle of the city followed by some delicious gelato.